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Domain Name Registration Agreement

Amended May 15, 2003
Amended May 20, 2005
Amended Oct 30, 2013

We (institute)/I (individual) (the "Applicant") have submitted to Taiwan Network Information Center ("TWNIC") or its authorized registration service institute ("Registrar") an application to register the domain name(s) as specified in the application form in connection to this Agreement as our/my domain name(s) and hereby recognize and agree to the following terms and conditions.

1. When applying to register or renew the registration of a domain name, the Applicant shall represent particulars listed below and warrant the truthfulness thereof; the Applicant shall bear sole liability if any information provided by the Applicant is erroneous, false, or infringes any right or interest of a third party:
(1)The content of all information stated on the domain name registration application form is true, complete, and accurate.
(2) To the Applicant's knowledge, the domain name for which the Applicant applies for registration does not infringe any right or interest of a third party.
(3) The Applicant is not applying for registration of, and will not use, the domain name out of any improper purpose or in knowing violation of any laws or regulations.
The Registrant shall warrant that all information provided in the domain name registration application form, or as updated, is true, complete and accurate, when the related registration is renewed or when information as registered is updated.
TWNIC shall have the right to cancel the domain name registration in accordance with Article 8 hereof in the event the Applicant breaches any provision in the preceding two Sections.

2. TWNIC shall have the right, based on international Internet community practice and in consideration of public interests such as protection of consumers, protection of intellectual property rights, enforcement of laws, to establish a WHOIS online query interface to provide to the public the information (domain name, name, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, of applicant, date of application, expiry date, DNS setup information), either in Chinese or in English, as provided by the Applicant. To protect the privacy of the Applicant, TWNIC may appoint several items of information provided by Applicant, depending on whether or not the Applicant is an individual, such that the items are subject to public query upon the consent of the Applicant.

3. TWNIC and the Registrar shall bear no liability and the Applicant shall claim no damage brought to the Applicant by TWNIC or the Registrar's failing to notify the Applicant in a timely manner of any relevant information due to any information provided by the Applicant under Article 2 hereof to be erroneous, false or outdated.

4. Apart from providing the Chinese/English information referred to in Article 2 hereof to the public through entry-specific online query, TWNIC shall protect the information provided by the Applicant in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law, and will not subject it to third party's use, unless otherwise provided by law, pursuant to a court order, or to a written request by a relevant competent authority made under the law.

5. The Applicant hereby agree that when it is necessary in TWNIC's services in the administration of domain name registrations or otherwise required by law, regulation, or a government policy, TWNIC shall have the right to use the information provided by the Applicant and stored in the WHOIS database in various noncommercial domain name experiment projects and Internet-related research projects conducted by TWNIC or under the authorization of TWNIC.

6. Unless otherwise provided in the preceding Articles, TWNIC shall comply with all requirements specified in the Personal Information Protection Law in its collection, process and utilization of personal information of the Applicant and his/her contact person. (TWNIC Personal Information Collection Statements)

7. The Applicant shall ensure the completeness and safety of the information security systems in its application and use of the Domain Name. TWNIC shall have the right to suspend or otherwise take necessary actions against a registered Domain Name upon competent authority's order, if third parties' rights and interests tend to be influenced or if the operation of the Internet tends to be damaged due to reasons attributable to the Applicant.

8. All disputes between the Applicant and a third party arising from the domain name registered by the Applicant shall be processed in accordance with the “Taiwan Network Information Center -Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy” and the “Rules for the Taiwan Network Information Center Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy”.

9. In the event of any breach of this Agreement or the “Guidelines for Administration of Domain Name Registrations” of TWNIC or related rules or regulations, the Registrar may request the Applicant in writing or by e-mail ,asking the Applicant to explain in writing cause(s) of the breach. TWNIC and the Registrar may cancel the domain name registration of the Applicant if the Applicant fails to submit in writing evidences proving non-breach within thirty(30) days from receipt of such request. Failure by TWNIC or the Registrar to take prompt measures with respect to a fact of breach by the Applicant shall not be deemed evidence that the Applicant was not in breach.

10. TWNIC reserves the right to amend this Agreement, the “Guidelines for Administration of Domain Name Registrations”, and other related rules and regulations from time to time pursuant to changes in law, regulation, or government policy, and announce the amendments on TWNIC website or notify the Applicant by e-mail. If the Applicant does not accept the amended Agreement, “Guidelines for Administration of Domain Name Registrations”, or other related rules or regulations, it shall notify the Registrar in writing within thirty (30) days to terminate its domain name registration. Failure to do so shall be deemed acceptance by the Applicant of the amended Agreement, “Guidelines for Administration of Domain Name Registrations”, or other related rules and regulations.

11. All matters not provided for herein shall be subject to the related laws of Taiwan, the Republic of China, and the “Guidelines for Administration of Domain Name Registrations” of TWNIC. For matters not provided for by law, reference may be made to the international practices regarding domain name registration administration.

12. This Agreement shall in all respects be construed and applied in accordance with the laws of Taiwan, the Republic of China; any dispute arising with respect to this Agreement shall in first instance be subject to the jurisdiction of the Taipei District Court of Taiwan.

1 In case of any discrepancy between this translation and the original Chinese text, the Chinese text shall govern. Terms in this translation expressed in the singular should be construed as also including the plural, and vice versa.



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