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Directory for Frequently asked Q & A about Domain Name
Q1: Which are the organizations that process the application of domain names in English?
Q2: How many types of English Domain Names are there, and what is their respective qualification for registration?
Q3: Basic principle for applying for English Domain Name?
Q4: Is there any requirement on the use of characters in applying for English domain names?
Q5: The application procedure for English domain name?
Q6: How long would it take to process and application for English domain name?
Q7: What kind of documents should be prepared for the application of
Q8: What kind of documents should be prepared for the application of
Q9: What kind of document should be prepared for the application of
Q10: How could foreign firms apply?
Q11: Is there any difference in using capital letters of small letters for the domain name in English?
Q12: How about the charge for the English Domain Name?
Q13: How should we pay when we apply for the English Domain Name?
Q14: How many years could I pay in advance in order to use the Domain Name?
Q15: Would I be notified when the term of using the Domain Name expires?
Q16: What would happen if the Domain Name user fails to renew its account when expires?
Q17: Would it be safe to use credit card online?
Q18: If fund has been remitted for the English Domain Name, how could I transmit my remittance information online?
Q19: How could I get a refund on overpayment on the Domain Name?
Q20: How to check out the owner of particular Domain Name?
Q21: How to check the status of processing for an application of Domain Name, and how to check the validity period?
Q22: If there are changes in the name of company or information for contact (like the address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail)?
Q23: If the PIN was missed, how to find out?
Q24: How to process the assignment of right over the Domain Name (company A changed to company B)?
Q25: How to set up the DNS for the English Domain Name?
Q26: How to modify HOST/IP data in DNS?
Q27: How soon would it take to valid DNS after selecting?
Q28: When the Website is still under construction, could we apply for Domain Name?
Q29: When the procedure for the application of Domain Name is completed, how to link to the search engines of major gateways?
Q30: How to set up reverse check on Domain Name?
Q31: Would it be possible to change the Domain Name that had been registered?
Q32: Where could I check the registration regulations on English Domain Name?
Q33: What is the basic principle for applying individual Domain Name?
Q34: For foreign firms not incorporated in our country, could they apply for “General Chinese Domain Name”?



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